The Legends of Dhanen'Mar 

Correct Reading Order

Auguries of Dawn (Volume 1)

Tides of Fortune (Volume 2)

Veils of Destiny (Prequel Novella)

Shadows of Illusion (Novella)

Web of Portents (Volume 3)

Shades of Death (Novella)

Sea of Omens (Novella)

Path of Stars (Volume 4)

Seeds of Betrayal (Prequel Novella)

Legacy of Blood (Prequel Novella)

Dreams of Mist (Novella)

Binds of Fate (Volume 5)

Coils of Eternity (Prequel Novella)

Tangle of Thorns (Prequel Novella)

Trail of Masks (Novella)

Labyrinth of Myths (Volume 6)

Crown of Thieves (Prequel Novella)

Echoes of Infinity (Novella)

Chronological Order

(for those already familiar with the series)

Coils of Eternity Year 1407

Legacy of Blood Year 1609

Tangle of Thorns Year 1609

Crown of Thieves Year 1618

Seeds of Betrayal Year 1622

Veils of Destiny Year 1622

Auguries of Dawn Year 1622

Tides of Fortune Year 1622

Shadow of Illusion Year 1622

Web of Portents Year 1622

Shades of Death Year 1622

Sea of Omens Year 1622

Path of Stars Years 1622-1623

Dreams of Mist Year 1623

Binds of Fate Year 1623

Trail of Masks Year 1623

Labyrinth of Myths Year 1623

Echoes of Infinity Year 1623

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