The Legends of Dhanen'Mar 

The Books
Auguries of Dawn - Volume 1

In a realm where superstition is held sacred, dark portents are rising.
Summer has arrived, and with it the annual celebration of the Arts. Together with their performance troupe, musician Oliveah Oslund and diviner Madilaine Savannon arrive for the festivities anticipating nothing more than a week of revelry. Instead, an encounter with a mysterious man incites a bizarre chain of events that will haunt them for the remainder of the summer.
As the season comes to a close, Oliveah and Madilaine find themselves drawn to the royal city of Aralexia to attend the yearly tournament hosted by the king. Confronting an array of allies and enemies, including thieves, mages, assassins and warlords, they attempt to find the answer hidden within the deceptions, half-truths, omens and auguries concealing Dhanen’Mar’s darkest secret.

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Tides of Fortune - Volume 2

As the resurfacing of the legendary Catalyst Stones becomes known throughout Dhanen'Mar, the race to locate them begins. While those intent on protecting the realm aim to see them all destroyed, others desire using the power of the Stones to bring only devastation.
Across the sea, Madilaine, Rydin and Sabian reach the country of Gaitlin and begin their hunt for the Ruby Stone. Back in Aralexia, matters grow even more precarious as the royal jester struggles to keep secret the identity of the man he's determined to protect.

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Veils of Destiny - A Threads of Fate Novella


In this prequel to Auguries of Dawn, rogue thief Aris Sylvain arrives on the mages' island of Venaris Sheea in search of one of the legendary Catalyst Stones. With his daughter's life hanging in the balance, he's vowed to do whatever is necessary to wrest the Sapphire Stone from its guardian.
But Aris's actions do not go unnoticed. Waterdancer Synna Dacyn, along with fellow mage and pyromancer Villian Anand, quickly take up the thief's trail, tracking him from Venaris Sheea and into the city of Tyrell just days before it's set to begin its annual celebration of the Arts, Ardin's Pride.

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Shadows of Illusion - A Threads of Fate Novella

Sent by Dhanen'Mar's royal jester, assassin Callan Ashe and thief Tishan Ravare arrive in Veron and find themselves drawn into a storm of political mayhem.  As each dawn brings Veron's king closer to death, four men vie for the hand of his eldest daughter in hopes of gaining the throne.  Upon discovering their own target's agenda in the affair, Callan and Tishan soon come to realize that the plots they came north to uncover run far deeper than they'd ever imagined.

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Web of Portents - Volume 3

Summoned by the ancient diviner Danetria Savannon, allies from across Dhanen’Mar gather at the Spindle to confer on the rising peril.  With threat of the Catalyst Stones growing more dire, and the deeper motivations of the enemy remaining unknown, those determined to protect the realm begin forming their strategies for defense.

In the royal city of Aralexia, Devlin Alvik continues gathering confederates while attempting to penetrate the enemy’s inner circles.  Uncovering numerous threats brewing against the crown, he fears he’s nearly out of time to implement his own schemes, those designed to protect and shield all Dhanen’Mar.

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Shades of Death - A Threads of Fate Novella

On his search for missing assassin Callan Ashe, Rydin Kale arrives in Veron and aligns himself with the forces besieged within the royal castle.  With the city held by the treasonous upstart Cobian Tassoni, King Arvello is relieved to receive aid from the Jennites, who’ve now named themselves his allies.

With the assistance of knight Dego Salvi, Rydin executes a bold maneuver to infiltrate the stronghold of the enemy and learn what’s become of Callan and the Dhan’Marian thief who vanished with him.   What he discovers sheds a grim light on the deeper plans of the enemy, and ultimately threatens to bring the entire royal city to its doom.

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Sea of Omens - A Threads of Fate Novella

Sent north as spies to uncover further plots of the enemy, Knoxx and Synna arrive in O’Kada’s royal city to begin their search for information on the powerful mage Leija Idrees.  Joined by a strange band of allies, they’re quick to learn how dire the situation in O’Kada has become, further witnessing the hopelessness felt by those facing imminent tyranny.

Confronting the full scope of Idrees’ terrifying designs, Knoxx and Synna fashion a strategy to free O’Kada of her hold and minimize the threat encroaching across all the east.

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Path of Stars - Volume 4

As the winter season draws to a close, the royal jester hastens to refine his strategies and prepare the royal city for the fight ahead.  Now teeming with both allies and enemies, Aralexia itself sits posed to become a battleground as a truth buried more than twenty-five years is at last ready to be revealed.

To the north, Callan and Tishan return from Veron and find their loyalties tested as the situation between Jennen and Dhanen'Mar takes a menacing turn. Determined to prevent the two realms from seeing open confrontation, the assassin undertakes a dark mission in order to head off a war.

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Seeds of Betrayal - A Threads of Fate Novella

Before the events of Auguries of Dawn, diviner Sweyn Savannon refines her strategies for the upcoming tumult. Granted foresight of the legendary Catalyst Stones, she awaits their reappearance in the world while gathering a host of powerful allies.
At last given sight of the location of the Sapphire Stone, Sweyn now knows the time to put all her plots and schemes into motion has finally come. Determined to see all of Dhanen'Mar become a sanctuary for Destiny, she stands ready to unleash whatever destruction is necessary to see out her dark objectives.

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Legacy of Blood - A Threads of Fate Novella

When her granddaughter Serena is abducted by a crew of foreign pirates, Lady Danetria appeals to the warlords for aid. Desired for her diviner skills, all fear that if Serena isn't rescued before arriving at the distant shores of Swythe Island, she will be lost to them forever.
Deployed on his first official assignment, Kain Rojek isn't anticipating much trouble—or excitement—to arise from the task of recovering the stolen diviner. But once separated from his fellow warlords, he soon finds himself mired in a web of conspiracy none had foreseen. Forced to navigate his way through fatal enchantments, a rebel uprising, and the darkest corner of Swythe Island politics, Kain will finally come to discover that the only end to his quest may cost him everything.

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Dreams of Mist - A Threads of Fate Novella

When Dhanen'Mar's home city of Destiny comes under multiple threats, a divination leads Qyn Rojek to finally return to the place of his birth. Arriving at the Spindle, he quickly finds himself confronted with the long-hidden secret of his origins, as well as the deeper truth of his due'foi'beni talents and responsibilities.
Tasked with defending the city from the dark ambitions of his aunt, the invulnerable diviner Sweyn Savannon, Qyn begins a journey meant to at last reveal his destiny.

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Binds of Fate - Volume 5

Following the events of the Spring Banquet, matters in Aralexia become increasingly unstable as alliances splinter and loyalties threaten to unravel. Forced to flee the royal city, Flynn sets out after the Amethyst Stone, while Qyn and Synna prepare to confront the powers of the Sapphire and Emerald in Kohtala.
In the north, the warlords gather to defend against the Jennite army, now posed to invade. Forewarned with the knowledge of two prophecies, one recently discovered in O'Kada and the other spoken by the invulnerable diviner Sweyn Savannon, Taleb desperately seeks a way to halt the battle, even as Baiel forms his strategies to meet the numerous threats. With both the Catalyst Stones and Dhanen'Mar now at risk, enemies begin to converge, and ultimately force a result that will alter the very world itself.


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Coils of Eternity - A Threads of Fate Novella

Gaitlin, Year 1407.

Her entire life, Cryslyn Rogim's very existence has been shrouded in mystery.  Why were she and her mother always fleeing into the night? Who was her father? Was something hunting them, and if so, why?

Having now reached her fifteenth birthing-day, Cryslyn is determined to finally learn these answers.  Setting out to claim her Secondary Patron, she takes the first step toward her destiny, a fate both unforeseen and unimagined.

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Tangle of Thorns - A Threads of Fate Novella

Forced to live a life of concealment in Jennen, Andora Kale dreams of Dhanen’Mar and the freedom it offers to those like her. Born to Destiny, she knows her only chance for a normal life—perhaps for survival itself—relies on her one day reaching those southern lands.
But recent visions seem to imply her Patron has a different fate in mind for her, one both shocking and devastating. But one, should she have the courage to accept it, that carries the potential to alter numerous future events, and bring hope to all those on the eastern continent.

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Trail of Masks - A Threads of Fate Novella

While the war between Jennen and Dhanen’Mar wages on to the west, affairs in Veron reach a critical stage. Waylaid by a task handed down by Veron’s king, Callan Ashe must hunt and eliminate a dozen of his fellow assassins before pursuing his own mission, rescuing the young diviner Adrienne Savannon and seeking revenge on the enemy.
Traveling from the battle-torn country of O’Kada, Prince Garitt Simig also arrives in Veron, hoping to forge a unity with King Arvello. After reuniting with Knoxx Alvik and learning he carries the Amethyst Stone, they ally with Callan and devise a plan meant to confront all gathered enemy forces and determine the fate of the realm.

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Labyrinth of Myths - Volume 6

In the wake of tragedy, the ruling powers of the east convene in an effort to attain unity. With numerous threats mounting against them, they turn their sights to stabilizing the continent before these forces have the chance to converge.
Returning to the Spindle, Qyn seeks answers from the past to give hint to the future, while Taleb takes harsh measures in an attempt to repair some of the damage his actions have caused. In Navosa, Rydin seeks the curse-maker but discovers a hidden stratagem now thousands of years in the making, a design that holds the potential to influence all future matters involving the Catalyst Stones.

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Crown of Thieves - A Threads of Fate Novella

Before assuming the identity of Flynn Fajen and fleeing to the eastern continent, Aharon Shai returns to his native lands of Ceja following a two-year assignment in the west. Upon arriving, he is alarmed to discover the royal family caught in the midst of a perilous tangle as they vie for rulership of the realm.
Incited by the king himself, his majesty’s dozen children have been tasked to prove their worth as well as their cunning by emerging as the final remaining heir, unwilling participants in a challenge where victory awards the crown and failure means death. Betrothed to one royal sibling and the closest of friends with another, Aharon is quick to immerse himself in the treachery, deceit, and viciousness swirling about the palace, while striving to protect those he cares for regardless of the cost.

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Echoes of Infinity - A Threads of Fate Novella

Guided by the puzzling riddles of the notorious and long-dead thief, Sury Nye, Flynn, Knoxx and Tishan embark upon a quest to seek out the final unaccounted-for piece of the Diamond Stone. Transported to a domain of mystery and magic, they discover a trove of unimagined wonders, along with evidence of a more sinister nature which suggests they aren’t alone.
Making efforts to avoid the domain’s guardian, they follow the trail of riddles only to uncover Sury’s true agenda, one designed centuries earlier and meant to usher them toward a final resolution with the Catalyst Stones.


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